After writing news and editing books, I studied primary care interventions at a large academic health center. Now I develop analytics solutions.

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Analytics manager

I use a Delphi-based facilitation approach to drive my continuous git-based deployment while developing benchmarks and refining metrics. I have developed SQL-based performance monitoring dashboards and the supporting infrastructure (cloud-based multidimensional data warehouse based on electronic health record systems alongside operational, financial, and other metadata).

Mixed methods researcher

Big data is one source of insight, and regression statistics and quasi-experimental approaches can explore outcomes alongside business data benchmarks. However, other approaches are needed in many cases to tell the whole story.

I'm trained in focus groups and one-on-one interviews, including usability testing. I was lead qualitative analyst on work receiving a North American Primary Care Research Group Patient Choice Award.

I've presented to audiences of 30+ on original research findings and study design at national conferences. I've taught small groups how to use qualitative and quantitative methods, research strategy, and collaborative writing.

Curriculum Vitae


I was syndicated by over 100+ news sites and wires, including Thomson Reuters, LexisNexis, and The New York Times. I covered alternative energy markets, clean technology, and corporate social responsibility. I also wrote some magazine articles and edited non-profit newsletters. A few articles are available here.



  • Karp Z, Kamnetz S, Wietfeldt N, Pandhi N. Primary care patient perceptions of clinic design across three practices. Podium presentation at the 2017 National Collaborative for Improving PrimAry Care Through Industrial and Systems Engineering, Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Pandhi N, Karp Z, Kamnetz S, Trowbridge E. Developing an effective writing collaborative to rapidly disseminate lessons from system redesign. Workshop at the 2016 Association of American Medical Colleges’ Integrating Quality Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.

  • Karp Z, Kamnetz S, Pandhi N. Primary care team perceptions of team-based care and clinic design types across three practices. Podium presentation at the 2016 National Collaborative for Improving PrimAry Care Through Industrial and Systems Engineering, Madison, Wisconsin. 

  • Karp Z. Participatory research and community engagement. Presentation at the Field Innovation Team’s 2015 Bootcamp, Provo, Utah.

  • Karp Z, Wietfeldt N, Pandhi N. Approaches to involving diverse community partners and patients in integrated mental health research. Seminar presentation at the 2015 Access, Quality, and Outcomes Research Network, Appleton, Wisconsin. 

  • Karp Z. Influences of the primary care clinic environment on patients and staff: preliminary findings. Podium presentation at the 2015 National Collaborative for Improving PrimAry Care Through Industrial and Systems Engineering, Madison, Wisconsin.

Edited publications


... meticulous and reliable in all respects. I would eagerly work with him again at any time. He is a skilled editor who delivers as promised.
— Publisher
... a highly-skilled writer and editor who has provided stellar services in redesigning content. He excels in developing criteria for research and making recommendations to improve the final product. I would definitely recommend him for your next project.
— Director of Client Services
... easy to work with, amenable to feedback and has a natural thirst for new knowledge. You can rely on him.
— Digital Marketing Manager
... a pleasure to work alongside; intelligent, intuitive with an editor’s eye for detail. His extensive experience provided Apex CoVantage with an excellent resource, not only in project management and editorial roles, but also interviewing candidates.
— Project Manager

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