White House Facebook Live Chat Seals Cracks

Van Jones spoke positively and answered questions yesterday about weatherization and energy evolution.

Users were invited in a blog post yesterday morning by the White House to attend a live Facebook video chat through a new facebook application.

Jones highlighted to the audience the importance of recognizing emissions that result from the power demanded by daily activities or utilities. He spoke about the need to reduce energy use in buildings through retrofitting, affecting not only emissions but direct pollution.

Van Jones has been referred to as the "green jobs czar," and talk of new opportunities and low-income attention entered into the chat-- highlighting new job accessibility as a solution, a "green pathway." He also spoke of alternative energies that could be supported by the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

During the live chat, Jones referred several inquiring minds to the Department of Energy website. He was assisted by an aide who read questions.

Responding to a question regarding transmission, Jones emphasized the vital need for the smart grid, citing the sun belt as a solar opportunity. "The most important thing we can do is create capacity to connect clean energy power centers to population centers."

The issues touched upon centered around the fact that clean energy and efficiency have become a passion that "resonates with the American people." Just as brands like Facebook or Twitter did not exist even a few years ago, the next decade holds advances and changes that will meet, if not surpass, new emissions standards.