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Q&A: Curriculum Supports Sustainable Agriculture on American Indian Lands

Two Nevada educators have worked to bring the federal government and Native American tribes closer together through a science-based educational curriculum centered on tribal histories. The publication, "People of the Land," not only provides a deeper look into historical and economic factors, but works to improve relations between key tribal liaisons in the Department of Agriculture and American Indian ranchers and farmers in Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. 

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College Choices for Students With Special Needs

College is the anticipated fork in the road for many students, but for those with special needs, this shift is far more uncertain. For students who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), dyslexia, or another learning disability, what are their postsecondary education options? Several programs and schools have been established to cater specifically to students with disabilities, including Gallaudet University, Landmark College, and the SALT program at the University of Arizona.

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Private or Public Education?

Recently on WNYC radio, Brian Lehrer featured a panel of authors and consultants discussing the choices that a parent must go through when caught between the accessibility of the public school system and the exclusivity of the private schools of New York. The panel consisted of Clara Hemphill, author of New York City’s Best Public High Schools. A Parents’ Guide, Catherine Hausman, author of The Manhattan Family Guide to Private Schools and Robin Aronow, psychotherapist and educational consultant.

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